The ICF WWC committee had a first 2016 technical meeting of the year the 26th-28th of February. The Bosnian Canoe fédération invited the committee at Jahorina, at 30 km of Sarajevo, in a beautiful scenic ski station. 
All three days of meeting were intensive and a lot of points have been discussed and decided. In particular, the new bid proposals as well as the calendar of wildwater canoeing competitions have been studied and approved, clarification of the rules proposed and all the keydates about the World Championships this year in Banka Luka were fixed together with the organiser.
The development of the discipline is also one of the major objective of the committee. Different actions are planned for 2016 and the future, in combination with the slalom TIP. It is a great opportunity for WWC development to share with slalom the development program. In parallel, specific actions will be devoted for the world championship. 
The Olympic program for the non Olympic discipline is also a major concern of the committee. The WWC must have a clear position about the Olympic program and perspective evolution. The values of the discipline and athletes are higher than the olympic program speculation. 
The 2016 season has been started and the WWC world championship sprint and classic at Banja-Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina first week of June will be the big event of the season. The organizers and the committee are very confident about the preparation of the competitions.