Good news from preparation of the European Championships in Banja Luka: After the big flood in the Canyon of river Vrbas last year, the whole electric system could be repaired. Yesterday evening the light test finished with success and the Europeans can start in two weeks.


Vrbas river is mountainous river with a several wild sectionsand fast falls. Vrbas consists of two canyons – a canyon Tijesno (5 km) on which is a kayak course and a canyon Podmilacje (8 km). International qualification of the difficulty of the flowing in the canyon Tijesno is III and IV degree of wild water and depending on a flood-gate, flowing varies from 25-120 m3 and in the spring even to 500m3.
Water temperature in the summer is above 17 C and air temperature is above 30 C degrees. Slalom course length is flexible and it can be used from 400 to 800 m according to needs and it is part of the slalom course 5 kilometers long. It is approachable with many ways and steps and it is secured with two electrical gates for dragging out in the case of accidents and injures.
There is an ambulance close to the course, about 2 kilometers far.


Picture Gallery light test

Start Road
Course Exit



European Championship  2015

in Banja Luka (Bosnia-Herzegowina) on river Vrbas