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  WANTED: 20 elite whitewater paddlers for whitewater competition in China !!!

  Chinese Canoe Association would love to have our help for two races and further development of   whitewater in China for the future.

  In this year, we hope  to find about 20 elite whitewater paddlers to attend the following events.

  -  7th - 11th December 2017 Panzhihua International Canoe Marathon, Panzhihua, Sichuan Province - China

   - 11th - 17th December 2017 International Wildwater Canoeing Championship on Salween River, Nujiang of the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China


Excellent results for Switzerland in the Wild Water Racing World Cup in Muotathal this weekend when Classic and Sprint races were held on the Muota River. Melanie Mathys from Solothurn continued her winning run following on from the European Championships.

The Classic race on Saturday was held under perfect conditions with 140 athletes from 14 nations taking part. From a Swiss point of view gold for Melanie Mathys and bronze for Hannah Müller in ladies kayak and Sabine Eichenberger’s silver medal in ladies C1 set the weekend off to a good start. France managed a double in mens C2 and in the mens K1 they also took two medals with Paul Graton silver und Paul Jean bronze.

Young Swiss talent Linus Bolzern from Luzern also finished a respectable 5th.

On Sunday rain and high water levels caused some delays.  With nearly twice as much water as the previous day, both canoeists and organisers faced challenges. Nevertheless, the two heats and the finals were completed without major incident. Once again, under heavy water conditions, the French celebrated more successes in the Sprint races taking 8 medals in all. However, the Swiss women could still hold their heads high, with Melanie Mathys taking silver in the Sprint after her gold in the Classic on Saturday and Sabine Eichenberger managed a respectable 4th place in ladies C1.

The athletes and organisers alike can look back on an exciting and successful weekend’s racing. Now that the World Cup is over, the organisation of the World Championships in 2018 can begin in earnest.  In a year’s time the world’s best canoeists will once again be fighting it out on the Muota.


Results Sprint Sunday:

Sprint Race, Women K1                     

  1. Place BREN Claire                             FRA     1:04.35
  2. Place MATHYS Melanie                      SUI       1:05.58
  3. Place DIMOVOVA Barbora               CZE     1:06.60

Sprint Race, Men K1                

  1. Place ZNIDARCIC Nejc                       SLO     0:58.07
  2. Place DEBELJAK Vid                           SLO     0:58.49
  3. Place JEAN Paul                                FRA     0:58.98

Sprint Race, Women C1                      

  1. Place COAT Cindy                             FRA     1:11.74
  2. Place PANATO Cecilia                       ITA       1:20.08
  3. Place BARM Sabrina                          GER     1:20.42

Sprint Race, Mens C1              

  1. Place ROLENC Ondrej                       CZE     1:01.67
  2. Place LAPOINTE Louis                       FRA     1:02.13
  3. Place VIENS Theo                             FRA     1:02.88

Sprint Race, Women C2                      

  1. Place COAT - DURAND Cindy - Manon           FRA     1:10.28
  2. Place PANATO - PANATO Alice - Cecilia        ITA       1:12.51
  3. Place BARM - BARTH Sabrina - Lea Sophie    GER     1:21.46

Sprint Race, Mens C2              

  1. Place DEBRAY - LAPOINTE Tony - Louis                               FRA     1:00.05
  2. Place SANTAMARIA - DAZEUR Stephane - Quentin             FRA     1:00.96
  3. Place FRANCESKIN - HOCEVAR Maks - Simeon                    SLO     1:01.60


You can watch all races in replay



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A hectic first World Cup day has now drawn to a close. 140 athletes took to the waters of the Muota today for the classic race, held under perfect conditions. The technical sections pushed the paddlers from 14 nations to their limits. Thanks to the slick race organisation, there were some top performances to be seen.

ICF Ranking Race, ECA CUP Final race in Wildwater Canoeing and ECA Cup in BoaterX on Eiskanal

Since the Olympic Games 1972 in Germany, the “Eiskanal” in Augsburg has been known in the canoe scenery as a very challenging artificial white water circuit. Many high level competitions in Canoe Slalom and Wildwater Canoeing Sprint have already been hosted on the 300 meter long WW III-IV channel. After organizing of  the 1. World Championship in Wildwater Canoeing Sprint in 2011 Augsburg gave place to the 2. ECA Wildwater Sprint Cup and ICF ranking race. Competitors from 13 nations used the races in Ausgburg as a last test event just before the World Championships in Banja Luka which will be held on the river Vrbas three weeks later. The competition in Augsburg were organized with best weather and water conditions  by around 100 volunteers without any problems on ICF Ranking race on Saturday as well as the ECA Sprint Cup final race on Sunday.

It was the first international showdown of wildwater canoeing athletes in 2016 which was held as an ICF ranking race on Fulda river in the middle of Germany. The first downriver race where all German wildwater competitors in all age categories have started to see their level after the winter break, looked like the biggest wildwater event in Germany. The schedule of sprint and classic race was full for two days, the water level was good but the temperature outside could be more comfortable.

Competitors of Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands used the German races as selection races for their national teams as usual as well as one K1 athlete from Bosnia.

Belgians young athlete Bram Sikkens was good for a big surprise as he won the K1 men sprint race before the both Germans Björn Beerschwenger and Finn Hartstein. Hans Meermanns the Belgian coach was very confident with the results of Bram as well as the results of his big youth and junior team: " During the races here in Fulda my young athletes can learn a lot from Suisse and German competitors, I have a big and young team and I am sure that you can see them the next years during Europeans and Worlds. But in this moment I am not agree that we will have no U23 competition in 2016. We will try to take part with a big team in Junior Europeans this year".

The ICF WWC committee had a first 2016 technical meeting of the year the 26th-28th of February. The Bosnian Canoe fédération invited the committee at Jahorina, at 30 km of Sarajevo, in a beautiful scenic ski station. 
All three days of meeting were intensive and a lot of points have been discussed and decided. In particular, the new bid proposals as well as the calendar of wildwater canoeing competitions have been studied and approved, clarification of the rules proposed and all the keydates about the World Championships this year in Banka Luka were fixed together with the organiser.
The development of the discipline is also one of the major objective of the committee. Different actions are planned for 2016 and the future, in combination with the slalom TIP. It is a great opportunity for WWC development to share with slalom the development program. In parallel, specific actions will be devoted for the world championship. 
The Olympic program for the non Olympic discipline is also a major concern of the committee. The WWC must have a clear position about the Olympic program and perspective evolution. The values of the discipline and athletes are higher than the olympic program speculation.